Mint Dentistry has a new office in West Fort Worth! We are so excited to serve this community!

This particular office was a bit tricky to design. All of our Mint Dentistry offices are different in terms of layout.  Normally, I get the blueprints beforehand and begin the planning process. I noticed that this office’s waiting area is long and narrow.  When designing a new space, I always want to make sure that there is plenty of seating for all of our awesome patients.

I decided to line up a couch and extra seating alongside the wall as you walk in. I absolutely love this space. It is so eclectic and fresh.  The black leather with white piping on the couch is so masculine yet chic. I decided to use whites and golds to make it cohesive throughout the entire office.

As you enter the office you are greeted with this striking piece of art that makes such a statement on its own.  Normally, I like to hang art horizontally, but hanging this particular piece vertically looked so cool and makes the entire space look bigger.

Here’s a design tip: When working with a narrow and long space, you may want to consider using two rugs to fill up the space. I found this rug and knew it would be the perfect accent to the black, white, and gold color scheme. Luckily, my team and I were able to find another identical rug and used both for this office. This really does make the room look longer than it already is!

If you happen to be in this area, we would love to see you! Make your appointment online or call (214) 821- MINT!


This office is located at:
2700 Horne Street, Suite 120
Fort Worth, TX 76107