modern |ˈmɒd(ə)n| adjective denoting a current or recent style or trend in art, architecture, or other cultural activity marked by a significant departure from traditional styles and values: She loved to design using modern art.

I’ve had several people e-mailing in, asking me where I shop for my interior design for both MINT and my home–so today, I’m sharing this little Dallas gem with you!

Living Modern Designs has become a staple of mine this year in all of my home and office decor designs. They are just a little over a year old, and are located at 3900 Oak Lawn Avenue right outside the heart of downtown Dallas, Texas in what was once an old Italian family restaurant.

The owners, Norma and Evan Gerstein, are a beautiful couple from Miami, Florida and Monterrey, Mexico. They were both born and raised in the interior design community and have a passion and gift for finding and designing modern art and furnishing.

Norma is always a breath of fresh air, and her staff is helpful in every way. You’ll find her out on the floor helping customers, because she’ll tell you that helping people is the best part of her job.

They carry over 80 brands from all over the world–but most of the styles are Italian and American, including Thayer Coggin. The overall look is very mid-century, modern with a warm and welcoming touch. Norma is very adamant about being sleek without feeling cold and untouchable. I think they’ve found a perfect balance, and that’s hard to do when working with modern styles.

The paintings are artwork you will find hanging on the walls is from local Dallas artists and a special gallery in California that has been working with the Gerstein’s for years. I believe finding the right piece of artwork can make or break an entire room–so you want to absolutely love the pieces you pick. If you’re looking for modern art styles, this would be a great place to check out.

I’m so happy to feature Living Modern and the Gerstein’s on my blog this week. I love their passion for modern art and design, and their genuine love for people. Thank you for making my homes and offices so beautiful with your contemporary designs!!

Visit Living Modern on their website or in person at 3900 Oak Lawn Avenue Dallas, TX 75219, and enjoy browsing through their beautiful collection.

From my home to yours,