New York |njuːˈjɔːk| 1 a major city and port in the south-east of New York State, situated on the Atlantic coast at the mouth of the Hudson River. She loves New York City!

Hi friends! I am so happy to be back in Dallas from our weeklong vacation in one of our favorite cities. Field and I couldn’t be away from our babies for too long, so we decided to fly them out to meet us in New York. I think it is safe to say that Baby Field loved the city more than anyone on the trip. He had a blast running around Soho, looking at all the cabs and the fast pace of the city. Field and I think he will want to move there when he is older…something I don’t want to think about just yet!

During our trip, Field and I went to go see Hamilton on Valentine’s Day. Friends, I am not exaggerating when I tell you, this was one of the best shows I’ve ever experienced. I was so moved by it all. I have always heard of the play, but didn’t know what to expect. It blew me away! I know that the show is travelling soon, so if you ever get the chance, go! Here’s a link to the travelling show.

I want to give a special shoutout to the best husband in the world! Not only did he take time off of his busy schedule to travel, but he joined me in doing all the things that I wanted to do while we were there. I had a few tickets to several fashion shows for New York Fashion Week, and to the shows where I had a plus one, Field actually wanted to join me! One of the shows started pretty early, so we decided to take Baby Field with us. It was so cute watching Little Field sitting on his dad’s lap in the front row of Naeem Khan. Baby Field kept shouting, “I like that one!” to every dress that passed his way! He was the only child in the place and everyone loved him!

Our itinerary was jam-packed with event after event, so I am so grateful I asked my assistant Joanna and her daughter Bella to join us. Bella is 10 years old, and loves to play with Baby Field and Camila. One of the biggest tips of travel that I can give is, if you are travelling with your children, bring a friend along to help with them! They will behave better and everyone will have a blast! Bella came in handy when the kids would get fussy on the plane! Bless her heart!

It broke my heart to hear that FAO Schwarz, the most iconic Toy Store in New York, closed down. I remember going to it as a kid and it being so amazing! If you’re bringing your kids to New York, try some of these other options:

Dylan’s Candy Bar – Fun Fact: This candy shop is owned by Ralph Lauren’s daughter! For sure this is every kid’s dream come true! Trust me when I say, they will love the experience. Be ready for them to get really hyper right afterward.

The Lion King Broadway Show – We decided to share our love for broadway with the kids by taking them to The Lion King. Camila is a little too young to go to a theatre and sit through an entire show (whenever we take her to the movies she would rather walk up and down the stairs than watch the show), but Baby Field was ready! After a full day of sightseeing, it was perfect for our little boy. Watching him, amazed by all the puppetry and beautiful costumes was the highlight of my night. He leaned over and whispered to me, “I am really sleepy but I want to stay awake to see the show.” He melted my heart. At curtain call, he was screaming and shouting for all the elephants–his favorite part of the show!

Empire State Building – We went pretty early on a weekday and there was absolutely no line. A New York miracle! Mind you, it was FREEZING so that might have been the reason, but we all enjoyed it so much! We went up to the top, snapped a few photos and went back to the hotel in a matter of twenty minutes.

Brooklyn Bridge – It’s beautiful and it’s free! You guys will love walking from one point to the other. For sure this is one of my favorite parts of all of the city.

Times Square – I remember seeing Times Square for the first time, and being awed by all of the the incredible lights and billboards. Your kids will love walking around the busiest parts of the city. They will see all of their favorite cartoon characters walking around waiting to have their photos taken.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – This is one of my favorite activities for a rainy day. There is so much to look at, and it is an inexpensive way to have a fun day in the city!

Other New York Favorites…
Lunch at Bergdorf Goodman: Get the lobster salad! Yum!!

Dinner at L’Artusi: My fabulous friend, Laurie Graham recommended and joined us for dinner here. I recommend the Striped Sea Bass!

Dinner at Buddakan: This restaurant was made famous by the movie Sex and the City. The stunning chandeliers and romantic ambience makes it one of our favorite places to go when we are in town.

TRAVEL TIP: Download the app Open Table to make reservations everywhere! It is so easy to use and helps you not spend time waiting around for a table at your favorite hotspot!  I use this app all the time in Dallas too! It makes life easier! 

I had such an incredible time with my family in New York City for Fashion Week. NYC is the fashion capital of the world! Be daring when it comes to your style. Take risks and have fun!