From One Mama to Another

baby |ˈbeɪbi|noun ( pl. babies )1 a very young child: my baby girl.

I was looking through some of my old photo albums the other day, reminiscing over the days when my babies were born. I was amazed at how much baby Field and Camila have changed–even just in the past few months. It’s hard to believe Field Christian is already three years old and that his sister is already one! Life goes much too quickly when you have little ones that you wish would stay little!

Some of my most cherished family photos are from my maternity shoots and the baby showers for each of our children. I loved the planning, DIY projects and decorating that went into the parties and photo-shoots preparing for their arrival.

We were blessed to have several showers thrown for us to celebrate the arrival of our children, and I wanted to share some of my favorite baby shower party ideas with you on today’s blog to give you some fun concepts to work with if you’re planning your own baby shower, or if you’re just reminiscing when your babies were younger, like me!

It’s a Girl!
 There are just so many things you can do for a baby girl’s shower–the options are endless (and so cute and fun!).

I love making girl parties completely pink. I covered our entire home in pink tulle, flowers and ribbons. We used pink napkins, pink cups–and of course, a pink, frosted cake. We already had a chandelier hanging over our dining room table, so it was the perfect location for the refreshment area.

Flowers are some of the most simple (yet arguably the most important) decorating tool available for any event or party. They simply change the atmosphere of a room! The flowers I used for Camilla’s showers were white hydrangeas paired with different shades of pink roses. They went beautifully together, and smelled so good!

The cake we ordered was simple, yet elegant. I requested that it be a round cake and wanted it to look like light pink lace. It was perfect. Simply stunning and delicious! We also ordered cupcakes to allow our guests to eat before we were ready to cut the cake. Having cupcakes available gives you a little more leeway to continue using your cake as a decoration–and when your cake is as pretty as mine was, that’s all you want it to be! *grin*

It’s a Boy!
At one of baby Field’s showers we used big, yellow dump trucks to display the cake and cupcakes on with big orange traffic cones to hold our flower bouquets. I laced the tables with yellow caution tape instead of ribbon to create a more masculine atmosphere.  

At another party we went with a softer, baby-blue theme and made flower arrangement by making oversized baby blocks using painted tissue boxes (sold at Michaels or Hobby Lobby) with glued block letters. The cake was stacked with a beautiful blue ribbon frosting design and had tiny baby shoes sitting on the top. Adorable!

Another theme we had for Field was a super-hero themed party (This is extra special to me now because he LOVES to dress up in super-hero costumes so much!). Our color pallet for this party was bright red, yellow and blue. We had a Super-Hero cake along with little, matching red-velvet cupcakes–and they were a hit! It was so easy to find plates and cups for this party because it is a popular trend for boy birthdays and showers. This is a very easy, and fun theme for any party.

For flowers, I went with simple white roses and hydrangeas for center-pieces and arrangements and coupled them with other blue-hued flowers. 

Party Favors for All
The first rule of any party is to have plenty of food options available for your guests. There are a lot of people with different food allergies and diets, and I always want to cater to my guests. When hosting a party, food is very important. Try to have fun, delicious desserts and candy, paired with yummy, healthy food choices for those who are watching their diets. Punch bowls and yummy drink recipes can really add a lot to your party. Just know, you will remember your guests after the party, but your guests will remember the food! *wink*

Our babies grow up way too fast, and I’m trying to cherish every moment I have with them while they still want to cuddle in my arms and play with me when I come home from work. I know these moments won’t last forever, so I’m enjoying them now (while I still enjoying peeking at the past from time to time!).


Shoutout to Victor Hugo Garcia for the beautiful flower arrangements!