surf |səːf|noun1 [ mass noun ] the mass or line of foam formed by waves breaking on a seashore or reef: the roar of the surf.2 [ in sing. ] a spell of surfing: she went for an early surf on the ocean.

Surfing. In Dallas, Texas.

I love fitness, and I love the ocean. I love to listen to the sound of waves crashing and seagulls singing. I love the sunshine and the salty smell of the sea. I love surfing and playing in the water and sand with my kids.

So, when I heard of City Surf Fitness, I had to give it a try!

City Surf is a fitness organization, founded in Dallas, Texas, that incorporates balance, yoga, barre, Pilates, strength training and cardio–while using a surfboard as your fitness machine. They had a vision to cultivate a well-balanced lifestyle through active physical fitness.

They have several locations across the States with 3 locations in the DFW area in Deep Ellum, Plano and Uptown and one location in Austin Texas, owned by my friends Andrew and Joy Heller and Joy’s brother, Chris Leyendecker.  You can sign up for group classes and bootcamps that allow you to focus on your specific fitness needs and goals.

I love that the workouts are intense and challenging, yet still fun and engaging if you want to bring friends along with you. I brought Field with me on my last trip, and he had so much fun! This is a great way to stay in shape with your friends or spouse.

My favorite classes include the Beach Body Bootcamp (a cardio-based class designed to make you sweat hard and burn calories), Pipe Line (similar to barre, focusing on refining your muscle tone) and the classic City Surf class (with surf-inspired movement for a full-body workout).

I also recently tried the Buddah Board class that is similar to yoga. I loved this class. It was so peaceful, yet intense! We had a 50 minute session incorporating yoga techniques while balancing on your surfboard. Definitely a class you need to try if you enjoy yoga, Pilates or barre classes.

I love the “No Bad Days” mentality the company proudly displays through their workouts, classes and retreats. They promote happiness through a healthy lifestyle–and I am all about both of those things! They stress the importance of community and enjoying every moment of life which makes you feel right at home when you walk through the doors as they welcome you into a peaceful, encouraging atmosphere.

City Surf is one of my favorite new fitness regimens. I love to keep things new and fresh to keep me engaged and excited to work out each day–and finding an exercise program that Field and I can do together is always a plus!

I want to encourage you to try new things, so you don’t get bored with your workout routine. That has been the best advice for me to keep myself enjoying a healthy lifestyle!

Thanks to City Surf for bringing a little bit of the beach to sunny Texas.  They have great deals on memberships right now! Check it out here!



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