Aspen |ˈaspən| a ski resort in south central Colorado; pop. 5,902 (est. 2008). She loved her time in Aspen!

Our family had a fabulous time in Aspen, Colorado enjoying a last summer getaway before our kids head back to school in the next few weeks. We stayed in the heart of the city at a beautiful VRBO, large enough to hold the entire Harrison crew. There is a city market for groceries just a few blocks away from where we are staying, so I’ve loved being able to walk there with the kids or my mom if we need anything throughout the day.

Summer is absolutely gorgeous in Aspen. We’ve been enjoying the beautiful, Colorado sunshine and the crisp mountain air in the great outdoors. The weather has been perfect this week, at around 80 degrees during the day and cools down to almost 50 degrees at night. I loved sitting together each evening as we snuggle up in blankets and sweaters, staring at the bright, star-lit sky. (You forget about stars sometimes when you live downtown Dallas!)

I love our family trips to Aspen because there is so much to do for everyone. Field has been golfing with my brother, Chris, at the Aspen Golf Course each day. The kids have spent all of their time outside–biking, hiking, horseback riding, fishing, and doing whatever other activity they can find!

We took the kids  water rafting, and then returned later with just the adults to try a more difficult white water rafting experience at Roaring Fork River. Wow! It was incredible, and terrifying all at once. I can’t wait to go back!

We took a bike tour down the Maroon Bells Mountain Peaks this afternoon, and I wish I would have taken more photos to remember just how beautiful it was. My mom toured the city in a van following us with Camila while Field pulled Field Christian and my nephew, Chris, on a burley bike trailer. (He got a great workout! *grin*)

We took the Gondola up to lunch at the top of Aspen Mountain, where we enjoyed a stunning view of the mountains and city. Some of my favorite food places in Aspen are: Jimmy’s, Bodega Seafood and CP Burger. (CP Burger is great for a family dinner with kids because they have put-put outside the restaurant and outdoor tables if you want to eat outside while your kids play!)

Overall, we have had a wonderful time in Aspen this week. I love spending quality time with the people I love the most–no matter where we are. Looking forward to coming home to Dallas this weekend to celebrate my baby boy’s 4th birthday! I can hardly believe he is growing up so fast!