Super Bowl |ˈsupər ˌboʊl| noun trademark the National Football League championship game, played annually between the champions of the National and the American Football Conferences. Ex: She loved Super Bowl weekend!

We all know what time of the year it is! Super Bowl weekend is upon us, and I couldn’t be more happy! It’s a time to celebrate what this country is all about! We get together with our family and friends, grill some delicious food, and prepare to be entertained by the best football teams in America!

This year I was blessed to be a part of the 16th Annual Players’ Wives Fashion Show hosted by the Off The Field Players’ Wives Association in Houston.  A percentage of the proceeds went to the Covenant House of Houston which helps find homeless youth find shelter. The always fabulous Tootsie’s showcased beautiful fashion from designers from all over the world.

My great friend, Sherice Brown asked me to be a part of such a special event.  Typically, NFL wives walk the catwalk and raise awareness for a particular charity.  This year, they asked a few influencers to join them in the fashion show. It was exciting, and really fun!

A few friends and I flew to Houston and made our way to my fitting.  A stylist came and brought a few options to choose from.  However, the entire store was our playground.  We were able to choose any piece that we wanted.

I encountered this simple, yet gorgeous dress and knew it would be great for the event. Along with these stunning accessories to finish the look. 

Y’all know that I couldn’t travel to Houston without visiting a few Mint Dentistry offices!  I took a peek inside a few of our offices and met some wonderful patients who all had great things to say about their experience. 

Now, I am home watching the game with my husband and a few of our friends. I’m sitting here with a heart full of gratitude. This weekend I spent some quality time with women that I admire.  We constantly encouraged each other and showered one another with compliments. It was a beautiful event and I know God was pleased.  Looking at my kids cheer, and my husband laugh, I know that I am blessed. Field is rooting for the Patriots, while I think I’m rooting for Lady Gaga! 😉