We recently moved into a bigger space and I needed to furnish it asap! One of the areas I was excited to decorate was my personal office! Luckily, I already had furniture from the previous office I had, so all I really needed to do was find art.

Instead of buying a big painting, I thought I would paint the whole space using a mural from my friend, Courtney Miles Baraff! Courtney has painted murals for Mint Dentistry before, and she has also painted a portrait of me which I absolutely adore.

When meeting with Courtney, I knew I wanted something striking, chic and easy to layer art on top of.  She ran with the idea and sent me a few visual inspiration ideas to choose from.  

We decided to layer two graphic patterns on top of each other.  The black and white square designs would be great on their own, however the palm leaves on top were the perfect compliment.  My home doesn’t have much color other than black, white, gold, and silver, so the beautiful green tones really pop! They also remind me of Mint Dentistry’s logo so it’s extra special!  I eventually want to treat this mural as if it were wallpaper and put a huge photo behind my desk. Something black and white would be perfect! 

My husband Field is convinced that I am decorating our entire home just so I can have constant photo shoots all the time! I mean, he isn’t wrong.

I loved it so much, I am hiring her to paint the mural for my kid’s playroom next!

If you would like your own custom mural for your home or office, you can contact Courtney here!