As you may know, I am the interior designer for all of the Mint Dentistry offices. It’s my job to plan ahead and create a space that is stylish and comfortable for all of our wonderful patients to enjoy.  To me, I consider it as a part of the Mint Dentistry experience! Seeing that we are constantly expanding, I am always getting ready to open a new office! However, it’s always fun to give an office that has been open for some time a little makeover!  Due to the amount of traffic that we receive daily, it’s inevitable to replace furniture and pieces that have been worn through time.

With Plano, I wanted to give it a complete and total makeover.  When discussing this with my husband Field, I was put on strict time crunch.  I didn’t want my remodeling to interfere with our work schedule, so I strategically planned it while our offices were closed.  I have an amazing team that help me organize and set up each space.

Immediately I knew that I wanted to give this office a funky vibe, yet still keep it polished. My mind automatically thought of installing new wallpaper. Since this project would be done so quickly, I knew that ordering new wallpaper would be a long and tedious process.  Instead, I decided to design and custom make a specific wallpaper that I had in my mind. I hired my friends at Dallas Mural! After calling them, I told them about my plan, and they quickly went to work. They came in to the office, took measurements of the space, and installed the exact wallpaper that I had in mind. Friends, they can make huge prints of your choice.  I used them for printing family portraits on acrylic prints that are showcased in my home. They are fast, affordable, and really efficient! If you use them, ask for Chris! Tell them Sabrina sent you!

I paired this perfect wallpaper with this funky rug that totally goes along with this loud yet clean aesthetic. I kept the color palette to simple white, black, and gold pieces. To me, the gold looks rich and sleek.  These decorative gold pieces really stand out in this simple color scheme! When designing your next space, never be afraid to be bold in your design! Consider a custom wallpaper


This office is located at 6940 N Coit Rd, Suite 200, Plano, TX, 75023.

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