Here is some exciting news! Mint Dentistry  has opened its doors in Pasadena, TX! Pasadena is a city within the Houston–The Woodlands–Sugar Land metropolitan area. Nothing excites me more than knowing that Mint will be helping more people throughout the world. If you know anyone in that area, have them pay us a visit! They will be in the best hands ever.

For this particular office, I already knew I was going to stick to a black and white color palette. I love how everything looks when using these particular colors. I must admit that it isn’t as easy as it sounds working with just black and white.  First of all, you must be able to work with textures and dimensions. If everything was a matte black, I think it would be boring and easily overlooked. However, using different forms of black and white makes particular pieces pop.  For example, I love this white leather couch with a chrome finish. I knew that adding black pillows with a little bit of a textured detail would look great in this office.

As far as my personal style, I tend to always find pieces that are modern and chic. If this couch had wooden legs, it would be completely different.  I love wooden accents, just not for this particular office. The chrome finish elevates the look and makes everything clean and sleek. 

One thing I like to do is buy a bunch of decorative accessories for each office.  It’s amazing how these tiny details tie everything together. One piece of advice that I would give anyone decorating their home or office is to start with the necessities and then work around them.  I had this couch before I had any other piece.  Everything revolved around the couch and so it made the overall goal easy for me and my team to execute.

From the art that hangs on the walls to the rug, you can tell we had a lot of fun putting everything together. When redecorating your space, that should be your number one priority: Having fun! Don’t be afraid to take risks and be daring! I hope you see this and feel inspired.


This office is located at
6725 Spencer Highway #19
Pasadena, TX 77505

You can make your appointment online or by calling