You may know that I am the interior designer for Mint Dentistry and every office space that I have decorated is important and special to me. I consider it such a joy to be able to express myself creatively, while offering comfort and a lasting experience for everyone that walks into Mint.

I am so excited that my mom has decided to move to Dallas! She is the most caring and thoughtful woman that I know.  My mom has spent her life taking care of everyone around her that after Field and I prayed about it, we decided to get her a place closer to us.  She now lives 2 minutes away, literally. We wanted to be able to bless her with a place that she could call home.  Immediately, I knew that I wanted to display special family moments the minute that you walk in. I called my friends at Dallas Mural and printed big acrylic pieces of photos that we took one time from our Christmas in Cali!

My idea for the living area was to make it very comfortable yet chic. I wanted an upscale version of what I think my mom’s style is. The walls are striped, so I wanted to add a little bit of color! These tan velvet swivel chairs are definitely some of my favorite pieces in the space. They complement the rug that has a bit of tan in the pattern. The color pallette in the house is all black, white, tan, and gold. The white accent pieces pop the most in the color scheme!

Seeing that the couch is a sectional, I wanted to get a smaller round coffee table.

She has this dining table from Z Gallerie! When I saw it, I knew it would be perfect for my mom! I actually replaced the fogged speckled mirror that came on top with a simple and sleek mirror to give it a more modern feel.

Beforehand, I used to miss spending quality time with my mom.  Now, you can find all of us having dinner around the table or watching tv together! My kids are always at Grandma’s house, mostly because all the good food is there! It is their home away from home! My mom has adapted wonderfully to Dallas and now loves our city almost as much as I do.

Love you, Mom!