decor |ˈdeɪkɔː, ˈdɛ-| noun the furnishing and decoration of a room.• the decoration and scenery of a stage. ORIGIN late 19th cent.: from French décor, from the verb décorer, from Latin decorare ‘embellish’

I love decorating. Whether through fashion, cosmetology, designing jewelry or interior decor–I love transforming ordinary canvases into extraordinarily beautiful spaces.   

Mint Dentistry has been opening offices all over Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston, and I gladly took on the responsibility of decorating the offices, making them suitable for the best patients in the world. My team and I have stayed extremely busy over the past few months designing every new office space uniquely during our huge expansion phase.  

We’ve received incredible feedback on our office designs, and so many questions about our artwork selections, centrepieces and color pallets. Our marketing team created a video highlighting our unique interior design process and uploaded it on our YouTube page. I’ve listed out my favorite design steps below, just for you!

Empty Space
I start each design by looking at the empty space I have to work with to get a feel for the area. Similar to an artist contemplating a blank canvas, I search the empty space for the best places to hang art and to place large pieces of furniture (couches, chairs or tables).

A great question to ask yourself is, “What will be the focal point of this room?” – start with that question, and go from there. Find a nice big wall to create a little nook with your larger pieces, and try to make that the focal point of the room.

Color Scheme
Each office has a unique color scheme, but still embodies the Mint Dentistry feel and brand. I find the color scheme I want for each office by picking out specific furniture or art pieces that I feel would be best for that location. An entire office could be designed with a certain color because I found a painting that I wanted to hang on a certain wall. It all starts with one incredible piece.

Lately I’ve been exploring wallpapers instead of painting the walls, and that has been really fun. I think this adds a little something special to all of our office spaces and makes the colors on the artwork and pillows pop!

Unique Furniture and Artwork
I try to buy furniture from local places in Dallas to support our community and to keep our pieces unique and special. I love exploring little shops around the DFW area with unique designs and items for our office spaces.

I like a modern-contemporary vibe with mid-century, traditional aesthetics. I’ll add a few eclectic pieces to complete the look and make it unique to our specific style.

Some of my favorite pieces are from Jonathan Adler, and most of my personal office space was created from their designs. My black and gold desk is from there, and I love that piece more than anything! It completely changed the entire look of my office when we added it.

Why Our Mint Dentistry Offices are Special
I want to design office spaces that attract people and make them feel welcome. The office design is the first thing patients will see and experience when they walk through our doors. I want them to feel at home, welcomed and special when they come into our offices. I don’t want it to feel like they’re at their grandpa’s dentist. I want them to feel ownership–to feel special and appreciated.

We use the highest quality dental equipment available and we hire the best dentists and office staff. Everything about Mint is high-quality. We want our patients to feel and know that when they walk through the door. No detail is left unnoticed–in our designs, and our dentistry.

I am honored to be the interior decorator for the Mint offices. Check out my interview with the Mint staff discussing our decorating details by clicking the link to our exclusive Minterior Design Youtube interview!