I am writing this post with a very heavy heart. My thoughts and prayers are with all of our friends and loved ones in Houston and the surrounding areas. Hurricane Harvey has left people in need of shelter and care, and we could not be more heartbroken. I was just there last week setting up our office in Heights, and I cannot even imagine the devastation and loss you all must be feeling this week. We are standing with you today and always.  Mint Dentistry is happy to serve the people of Houston, and we are currently looking for ways to help the community and those affected by this disaster.  

If you would like to donate to Convoy of Hope- a ministry that offers relief to those in need of food, water, hygiene items and more in Houston and the surrounding areas, please click here.

On Tuesday, August 22nd, my team and I went in a Uhaul from Dallas to Houston.  We packed our essential office furniture and made our way to Houston to set up our latest office: Heights.  The office itself is beautiful and one of my personal favorites. We do not have word on if this office has been effected by flooding as of yet. 

I thought I would share the details with you today.

Normally, our backsplash area that showcases our company’s name and logo has the original green colors but this time, I wanted this office to look like a true spa, so I chose a serene grayscale color scheme.  I wanted this space to look calm and relaxing for everyone that came in.

My favorite part of the space would have to be the mirrored art pieces that I transformed into one big bold statement. I used 9 different mirrors and grouped them together above two chairs in the lobby. I love the fact that this piece looks 3 dimensional, but when you touch it, you realize that is all one big flat surface.

The color scheme for this particular space is all black, chrome, and white. It is subtle, but also very impactful.

Our offices are closed until September 5th. I am praying by then, all the issues that were caused by Hurricane Harvey will be resolved! If you are in the Houston area and are reading this, please know that I am praying earnestly for you.I am praying for safety, provision, hope, and complete restoration.  I’m believing that things will get brighter and that you will be able to experience the multitude of blessings headed your way. My heart is with you. #TexasStrong #MintFamily


This office is located at:
2225 N Shepard Dr.
Houston, Texas, TX 77008

You can make your appointment online at your earliest convenience. We love you!