As the interior designer for Mint Dentistry, I am always challenging myself to try new things with each office. Every office is different. Before entering the office or seeing the layout, I knew that East Houston needed a clean and modern aesthetic. I always keep in mind that each office should have a luxurious atmosphere in which all of our patients feel comfortable. Mint prides itself on being Dentistry in Luxury. Dentistry in Luxury means the most advanced dental technology to be found anywhere, super quiet fast drills, low radiation digital x-rays, the highest grade dental materials and of course some of the most skillful, artistic dentists you will instantly love.

I love teal and chrome combinations.  There’s something about mirrored furniture that really opens up and expands a room. I complimented these rich teal tones with simple white and gray neutrals.

As far as accessories go, I stayed true to the teal and silver metallic color scheme.  One of my favorite things is to do is add another pop of color to the existing color pattern.  For example, I paired these hot pink flowers with the rest of the room.  It stands out, but in a way that works with the rest of the design.

Tip when adding a pop of color: Try adding your color through a smaller piece, such as flowers or accessories. They are always easy to switch out when you are wanting to redecorate!

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