fragrance |ˈfreɪgr(ə)ns| noun a pleasant, sweet smell: his & her favorite fragrances…

“You look fabulous. And you smell great too.” – Zac Posen

I once read in a magazine that women are found 30% more attractive if they are known for smelling good. I thought about it for a moment, and realized that some of the women I looked up to and found very classy and put together always smelled of perfumes–and I loved that about them. They made a statement in my mind, and those specific scents will always remind me of them.

Finding the perfect scent for you can be somewhat challenging, because there are so many options out there. But I don’t think you have to stick to just one! Some women find the perfect scent for them and stick with it for years and years. I tend to do the same with my favorites, but I also like to venture out and try new fragrances from time to time.  

My taste in perfume tends to vary depending on the season. I like to change my fragrances with the changing seasons–so I’ll go from light, sweet florals for summer months to deeper, warmer musk for the winter.  

However, I don’t always limit myself to seasons, and will often choose my scents by my feelings or mood for the occasion–as every woman should be allowed! *grin*

Here are my Top 3 Favorites from my latest perfume collection!

  1. STELLA by Stella McCartney has been on my daily rotation for several years now, and it works for any season. It has a sweet scent, but doesn’t feel too young. It has a presence that isn’t overpowering, but definitely makes a statement. This is one that I have several bottles of, and a travel size in my purse. This scent would be similar to Midnight Romance by Ralph Lauren or L’ancome by Midnight Tresor.
  2. LA VIE LA MORT NO. 90 Tokyo Milk DARK by Margot Elena has become a new, recent favorite of mine. This beautiful sweet floral blend of White Tuberose, Jasmine, a touch of Cardamom and Hibiscus Leaf make this the perfect scent for Spring or Summer seasons (or for those cold winter months when you’re hoping for sunshine!).
  3. FOR HER by Narciso Rodriguez is a a staple scent that I personally use.  making this the perfect combination of dark and light for any season–perfect!

Now ladies, I have to admit, one of the most attractive things about a man is his scent. I love when Field wears cologne, and wanted to share his (and my) Top 3 Favorite Fragrances for Men:  

  1. SPICED CITRUS by Musgo Real is definitely number one on Field’s list. The exotic spicy aroma of ginger, nutmeg and lemon remind him of a cologne his father used to wear from his own collection back in the day. Nostalgic scents are always the best when they’re made of spice and everything nice!
  2. NEROLI PORTOFINO by Tom Ford is another go-to scent for Field. The Neroli Portofino is known for it’s cool, crisp citrus scent matched with amber undertones for a masculine presence. Perfect for an evening out. Tip: a little bit goes a long way with this one, so though it’s a little more expensive–it lasts!
  3. L’HOMME SPORT by Saint Laurent is the cologne that Field wears out with friends or when he goes golfing. L’Homme has a very fresh and clean scent that is perfect to wear out during the day.

Each morning, Baby Field comes into the bathroom when his daddy is getting ready and holds out his chest for a splash of whatever cologne Field is wearing that day. It’s one of my favorite parts of our morning routine. I love my boys!

When it comes to cologne and perfume, you can never have too many options! What is your favorite fragrance? I hope you enjoy some of mine for men and women!