photo session|noun|ˈfōtō ˈseSHən||a prearranged session in which a photographer takes photographs of someone for publication and or memories: I loved my family photo session!

Every year, I plan a big photo shoot with my family.  I think it is so important to capture these moments.  This year, I wanted the beautiful Nylo Hotel to be the location for our family photos simply because the backdrop of the Dallas Skyline is stunning, and Dallas is our home!

The day of the photo shoot was stressful to say the least. It’s funny how when you see the photos, you think to yourself, if people only knew what happened behind the scenes! I had to plan all of our outfits and you know this is not an easy task.  Moms, can I get an amen?!  However, I think I managed to find cute ensembles for everyone! If you know my son Field, you know that he is very passionate about his wardrobe.  Right now, he only likes to wear Under Armour oversized shorts and cleats. By the grace of God, he agreed to wear his cool jeans and shoes on the morning of the shoot.  I think because he saw Daddy getting ready, he wanted to be his twin and upstage him!

Camila on the other hand was perfect! I found this quilted color-block Chanel inspired handbag to give her for the shoot and I promise you she would not put it down! It was so cute to see her dragging it around.  She is a natural diva and we love it! We decided to do two outfit changes with the kids. Our incredibly talented photographer,  Nicollette Mollet was amazing and so patient with our babies! I have admired her work for some time and wanted to make sure to book her in advance for this shoot. We had a few friends come and join us to help make the kids smile for the camera. Nicollette brought ice cream for the kids to take some photos with.  We knew we had to do this at the end of our shoot because it was bound to get messy.

I think the pictures turned out perfect! Nicollette truly captured our family in a way that I will always cherish!

Hope you enjoy!


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