decorate |ˈdɛkəreɪt|verb [ with obj. ]1 make (something) look more attractive by adding extra items or images to it: Her home was decorated with Christmas lights.

I’ve been dreaming of twinkling lights, golden strands of tinsel, gingerbread houses, and white frosted evergreen trees this week after garnishing our Dallas home with Christmas decor.

The temps are continuing to drop, and it’s making me and the kids even more anxious for the holidays! I love decorating our home for each season, but Christmas is definitely my favorite.

This year, I needed a new tree-topper and decided to try a DIY project with my kids that I found on Pinterest to make it a little more special. It was a simple, inexpensive project that I think turned out really well!

I couldn’t find a tree topper, so I decided to make my own. Most of the chandeliers in my home are sputnik and so I wanted something that starburst type design. Wanted to share the idea with you, and a few photos of our home–wishing you a very Merry Christmas season, from the Harrison home to yours!

Also, my tree topper cost less than $20!

All you’ll need:

– 1 foam cone
– Small Styrofoam Balls
– Gold Latex Spray Paint (needs to be water based so it doesn’t destroy the foam)
– Wooden Skewers
– Gold Pipe Cleaners


1. Spray paint the skewers and foam balls with gold spray paint and let dry.

2. Stick Foam balls on the ends of certain skewers. (I cut some skewers in half for dimension.)

3. Stick the wooden pieces into the bottom part of the foam and begin to create your sputnik design.  There is no method to the madness, just make sure it looks good to you! Also twist the pipe cleaners and stick them in as well.

4. Place the foam into your tree with the pointy part of the foam facing down.  I had to cut my cone in half so the foam wouldn’t show.

5. Enjoy!