fair |fɛ(ə)r| noun a gathering of stalls and amusements for public entertainment: She took her family to the fair.

The State Fair of Texas is something my family looks forward to every year! I can’t believe it’s already gone! Time really is flying by. This year, we decided to go to during the day on a weekday to avoid the big, weekend crowds. The weather was perfect, and Mila has been learning about the State Fair in school, so she recognized Big Tex as soon as we walked through the gates.

We spent most of our time playing every game available for Christian Field and his friends. We played A LOT of basketball, rope ladder, football, and ski ball… It wasn’t just for the kids though, the grown men in our group kept competing with each other every chance they got!

The Midway was our next stop for the bigger, faster rides. (Note for mom’s with young children–the Kidway area, located in the middle of of the Midway, has the best rides suitable for your little ones!) Mila threw a few tantrums and wanted me to carry her most of the time, but she had a blast in this area of the park because it was perfect for her size!

And of course, we did not leave the fair without our fair share of fried food. There was fried food for days to choose from! My kids loved the fried red velvet cake and my favorites were the roasted corn on the cob and the fried Oreos (only in Texas!).

The State Fair of Texas website is actually really helpful, and is great to look at before you plan your visit next year. They have tips on parking, maps of the fairground and a great list of foods, activities and exhibits to help you plan accordingly! One of my dear friends who came with us actually just hurt her foot in an accident, but she was able to rent a scooter and ride around with us all day for $50. Thankful for the big sidewalks and handicap accessibility throughout the grounds! (I think my husband was actually jealous that he didn’t get one for the day…haha!)

Overall, we had a perfect day at the fair. I hope you are able to take your family and make it a tradition too!