race 1 |reɪs |noun1 a competition between runners, horses, vehicles, etc. to see which is the fastest in covering a set course • a series of races for horses or dogs, held at a fixed time on a set course: A day at the races.

Early last Friday, a large group of our friends and family headed to the Lone Star in Grand Prairie, Texas to spend a day at the races. Our family had been there before, and it is seriously a great place to take the kids! 

We reserved a beautiful suite for our 25 guests as a MINT Celebration of the opening of several new offices. The theme of the party was “Kentucky Derby”, so all of the ladies wore dresses and wide-brimmed hats of southern belle style, and the men showcased suits, suspenders and fedoras. The men weren’t really into it, but us ladies had fun! 

We all really enjoyed each other’s company as we bet on races and cheered for our chosen jockey’s. I won 40 dollars betting on a horse that was from my hometown, Laredo!  There was always time between races to place more bets and come back to watch the next race.

This was such a fun outing with our friends and family! Going to the races is one of baby Field’s favorite things to do in Dallas because he is in a big “horse loving” phase right now. He asks for ponies at parties and dresses up as a cowboy all the time at home. He actually inspired this event because we took him to the races once before, and he had the best time dressed from head to toe in a full cowboy costume. Since then, he begged me to buy him a jockey costume and now wears that all around the house! This kid loves horses!

I would definitely encourage you and your family to attend a horse race if you are in the DFW area and have never been before.

The season is coming to a close, but they still have a few more live racing dates on the calendar for this year:

– November 3rd
– November 10th
– November 11th

Dallas has so many wonderful, unique things to do and see. I hope you take advantage of all our city has to offer!

Enjoy the races!